Capture-2S:MAX is a high efficiency wet screening system
applied where there is a requirement for
efficient liquid/solid separation.

Efficient Sludge Screening.

The S:MAX range can be applied to process a variety of materials including: Raw Sludge, Surplus Activated Sludge, Septic Tank Sludge, digester Feed Sludge and digestate, Lagoon / Pond Emptying Solids, Storm Screenings, Tank Cleanout Residues.


S:MAX Benefits:

  • S:MAX processes liquids such as high dry solid sludges in the shortest possible time, minimizing power and reducing tanker downtime and costs. By processing at the fastest rate possible, with no requirement for a reception tank, tanker assets are optimised and transportation costs minimised.
  • Removing rag at every stage of the downstream process creates huge cost savings. The effective removal of rag and grit can save operators money on unnecessary maintenance and downtime.

  • Minimal operator intervention- The automated back wash system
    eliminates the requirement for an operator to be on standby..

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