CDE Meta BrochureAdvanced Mining Wet Processing Solutions For Maximum Revenue Generation



Our mission is to create a new world of resource where mining waste is eradicated, enabling mine operators to maximise their resources more efficiently and effectively.

Maximising Mining Resource:

  • Advanced fines recovery solutions
  • CDE CFCU technology provides an efficient system for removal of lightweight contamination from your fine material fraction
  • Product ready for market straight from the belt
  • Up to 95% of process water recycled
  • Need for tailings dams eliminated
  • Minimal space required

Rapid Return on Investment:

  • Produce more grades and expand your offer
  • Save on your energy and water requirements
  • Reduce your operational costs
  • A modular wet processing solution

Download the CDE Meta brochure to learn more about our wet processing solutions for mine operators. 

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CDE Meta Brochure