CaptureG:MAX is extremely versatile and efficiently removes grit from a number of waste streams to create reuse opportunities and to protect downstream technologies.


Versatile in every way.

G:MAX is a dual stage wet recycling system for solid/liquid waste streams that require classification or dewatering.

The system is designed to reduce the volume of waste sent to landfill, protecting downstream processes and significantly reducing operational and disposal costs.

Our cyclone-based wet processing technology retains quality fines and minimizes maintenance needs and the required footprint for settling ponds.

It also guarantees the production of high quality sand & aggregate products, ready for market straight from the belt.

G:MAX Benefits:

  • Tailored to the individual requirements of the waste treatment process and offers operators the most efficient processing system for a range of waste materials.
  • Maximum dewatering of the grit fraction ensures ease of product handling and transport.
  • Customer-focused solution with unmatched maintenance access.
  • Recovered sand/grit delivers a recycled material with many opportunities for re-use.

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