Patented all-in-one wet processing and water treatment system that combines five processes on one chassis.

The Combo™, which sits on a single chassis, can produce up to two in-spec products from natural sand or crushed rock turning what is often considered as a waste by-product into a commercially high-value product.

5 Processes, 1 Machine:

  1. Washing - our patented sand washing technology has been proven over 25 years to help our customers maximize the quality and value of their washed sand.
  2. Grading - produce two in-spec sands ready for the market straight from the belts.
  3. Dewatering - our patented dewatering screen technology delivers washed sand which are ready for market straight from the belts.
  4. Water Recycling - our tried-and-tested water recycling technology, significantly reducing your water requirements by recycling up to 90% of the water used in the washing process.
  5. Stockpiling - integrated wing conveyors controlled by a hydraulic cylinder give you unrivaled control of your sand specifications.
Pre-wired and pre-tested before dispatch, the patented Combo™ arrives on site ready to plug and play either as a standalone plant or as part of a larger turnkey solution…AND can start processing material within days!

Delivering unrivaled control of in-spec washed products from a wide range of feed materials, the Combo can be used in the construction, C&D waste recycling, industrial sands, mining and environmental sectors.


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